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By using the Principles and Protocols of The Yuen Method, Jarka and Don will resolve your Health, Relationship, Career, Money, Fitness and Less Aging 

problems in a simple yet effective way. Join the hundreds of thousands

of people just like you who have already benefited from this Modality.

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Jarka Pajk and Dr. Kam Yuen 35th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster

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The Yuen Method™ 

Live Retreat in LA

April 2016

Making a Blog Post about our experiences with the most powerful healing modality on the planet today.

Here we will be sharing our 

18 years of combined experience

with The Yuen Method™

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Client's Review:

Given that The Yuen Method the most cutting edge system available in today’s world, multitudes of people have taken courses and several have become certified.

Jarka and Don are two of the most skilled, insightful and comprehensive practitioners on the planet.  As a team they are phenomenal at finding the root causes of life’s dilemmas and instantly resolving them whether the manifestation is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Jarka’s highly developed intuition, coupled with her mediumship, mastery of The Yuen Method™ and insightfulness make her an incomparable resource for the resolution of any problem or situation.

My personal session with them uncovered things I had never considered that were affecting my life and the particular issue addressed.  Of course, what they found made perfect sense to me since I am also a Certified Yuen MethodInstructor, but anyone who is not familiar with their methodology will benefit as well.  If you can distinguish between same and different, you will notice immediate changes with their improvements.

Without reservation, I recommend this amazing team for anyone who wants improvement in any situation in life.  They are delightful, engaging and effective!

Judith Morales, Brownsville, Texas

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