Yuen Sessions with Jarka and Don

How could one describe a Yuen Session with Jarka & Don?

First of all, because each person is unique there is no typical session. However, such a session is well represented by the Yin Yang symbol: two dynamic opposites united in a complete circle and existing in perfect balance with one another.


Jarka works with the Yin (or feminine) aspect using her intuition to access the non-physical nature of the client's world. Don employs the Yang (or masculine) perspective, focusing on the physical potential of the individual starting at the structural level of the body down to the empty spaces in the quantum particles.


Together, these two Masters are able to encompass the whole person: the physical body, the mental level or ‘mind', the emotional realm, right through to the spiritual level.


These two complementary approaches serve to pinpoint the primary weakness (or weaknesses) specific to each person's particular situation at that time.

Our Services

Introductory Session

Find out why The Yuen Methodâ„¢ is so effective.

We are offering a free 20-minute consultation to those who are not sure what 'The Yuen Method' is all about or if you are just curious. Book this one and find out. We are sure if you donate 20 minutes of your time to yourself it will be extremely rewarding.

1 Hour Session


In this one hour session, you may address many of your unresolved situations without having to re-live them ever again. You will also walk away with the knowledge of how this technique can work for you, your family, your friends, and even your pets. Furthermore, we do have to tell you that ‘The Yuen Method’ is the most in-depth energy healing modality on the planet today! So why not give it a try?

3 for 2 Package


With this package, we are resolving your situations. You will know what it is like to be centered, stable and balanced with enough clarity to see for yourself, the reasons, cause, and source of your pain and take action to change it!

10 for 6 Bundle


With this Bundle, we not only resolve your situations but we also walk you through the process needed to be able to master your own direction and decision making. This is going to increase your confidence from a place of ‘I cannot’ to ‘I can and I will’. Your life will be different!

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