About Jarka and Don

Jarka Pajk

Hello My name is Jarka Pajk (pronounced Yarka Pike)

Since I was a little girl I enjoyed observing the interactions of people, functioning and performing in all aspects of their everyday life.  What I observed led to many inquisitive questions.
*what makes people behave a certain way?
*why can't we all just get along peacefully?
I tried over and over again to find answers to these nagging questions very unsuccessfully. Growing up in former Czechoslovakia, asking such curious questions was extremely dangerous and could result in very dire consequences, possibly even loss of life! I thought a University education would give Me the right answers, but no, we were only allowed to follow the rules and not think for ourselves. My outlook on life became even more confused and negative.
Escaping Czechoslovakia I thought would allow Me to seek answers to My questions elsewhere. Years passed, then decades. I became more content with My life, but I still didn't find the answers I was looking for. I enrolled in Yoga classes and with practice I became calmer inside and one day it really hit Me.

I AM responsible for My own feelings and actions just like everyone else! I was happy about these realizations, but I still needed deeper answers. With an Internet connection and endless browsing, I found The Yuen Method™. The more I read about this Method of Chinese Energetics the more answers I found. After many workshop classes locally and then a private session with Dr. Kam Yuen DC, as well as attending his workshops and teleseminars I experienced huge differences in my life. Not only did I find what I was looking for, but I also learned how to use this technique. My focus has now shifted from seeking answers to assisting other seekers to find their own answers.
My partner Don Nadrofsky and I created a unique union to introduce The Yuen Method™ to the world. As this Yuen Method™ technique opens the door to a new way of living that was not available to us before. We CAN change what we don't like and stay strong as we are finding the right answers. And if You ask Don or Myself why we are recommending this Energetic Technique, the answer is simple: After Your Yuen session, the Experience of Feeling the Shifts and the Changes and the overall Differences (in Yourself) opens the door to getting what You want!

Jarka Pajk

Don Nadrofsky


I grew up on a farm at the 'End of the Road' in rural Northern Ontario, Canada. The world was big when I was small and there were lots of things to explore, experience and learn. I had My family and the natural elements for companions to create My reality. 

Starting school was My introduction to outside influences and other people's versions of the world around Me. Before I knew it I was lost in the Collective Consciousness of the day trying to 'fit in' somewhere. I tried to fit in by the measurement of My accomplishments and by doing what everyone else wanted Me to do. I didn't know it, but I was trying to find Myself in other people's realities.

Once I started sorting through what was mine and what was NOT mine I was able to find My Real True Purpose. Now, I can help other travelers like YOU do the same. (if that is your desire)

I have explored, experienced and learned that it's all about finding the Right Answer(s). The Right Answer resolves the situation. (the wrong answer makes it worse) I have discovered that the Right Answers are not found in the Logical Intellect made of past events, assumptions, and opinions. The Right Answers are found by using our Impeccable Insight and Intuition to locate them where ever they are hiding and waiting to be manifest into our lives. 

Let us show You how the Right Answers can resolve those unfavorable situations in Your life.

Don Nadrofsky

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