About Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Dr. Kam Yuen DC is a 35th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Grand Master who founded The Yuen Method™

35th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Grand Master

Throughout a lifetime of dedication to the Martial Arts, Dr. Kam Yuen DC has founded The Yuen Method™, the Tai Mantis Kung Fu Assn. of USA and the Shaolin West Kung Fu Center.

He has performed Kung Fu at Madison Square Gardens NY, Oakland Coliseum and LA Memorial Sports Arena.

He has initiated university Kung Fu programs at UCLA, USC, CSULA and CSUSF.

He has proven countless times that humans and other living creatures can quickly and consistently improve and recover from any ailments and, that ANY injuries, whether they are chronic or acute, severe or trivial, can routinely, quickly and consistently be improved upon immediately on the spot.

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