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Energy... What is it?

July 5, 2018


Energy — what is it? It is used to describe everything from your emotions to nuclear power. Energy exist all around you. The presence of energy is needed to support all matter and life in the universe. Without it you would not exist.


Energy is not something you can normally touch and feel. It may be difficult to define, but is easily felt in a general way. It is easier for you to feel energy by means of relative comparisons; for example, by contrasting the feeling of high energy with the feeling of low energy. All of us feel it come and go at some point in time.


Even though you may think that energy is abstract, you have always been aware of it. A good example is the energy radiating from the sun. Since the earliest awareness of its presence, humanity has always tried to harness energy. 


Energy comes in many forms. Within your body there are other forms of energy besides physical, mental and emotional energy. Energy causes changes around you and within you. Energy is the basis by which you keep fit and healthy for a longer length of time. It can make you healthy or ill. It can protect you from harm and injury.


Energy digests and metabolizes your food. Energy keeps you in a balanced state of good health. Energy can be used to change your moods, your emotional acceptance or rejection of yourselves or others. Energy cannot be destroyed, it merely changes form.


We all have the ability to orchestrate these energies to make the necessary beneficial changes within ourselves as well as in others. Energy comes from your connection to the higher sources of energy around you.


In ancient times, Chinese energetic healers and martial arts masters qualified and categorized the many levels of energy that enliven the human body. They accepted the existence of energies that animate us – making us strong or weak. Finally, they learned to influence them with their own mental and energetic techniques.


However, the knowledge of energy and the skills used to utilize energy are not unique to the Chinese culture. Many cultures have used energy to heal illness and protect themselves from harm.

There is an abundance of energy moving the universe. It surrounds you and is the basis upon which your physical body is formed. When you understand how to access and work with this energy, you can make adjustments to your physical and mental states.


The possibilities for a change are limited only by your imagination. Energy influences every aspect of your life. The energy of your environment as well as the energy within you affects your health, finances and relationships.


Locked within us all is the ability to direct these levels of energies if we are open, ready, willing and able to allow them to flow within and through us.


Excerpt from one of Dr. Kam Yuen’s Books:   Instant Healing

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