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Neurological Consequences of a Belief System

March 8, 2015

Donald Nadrofsky is a Co-founder of Energetic Awesomeness 

and a Certified Yuen Method™ Master and Instructor  


How many times have you heard the words “Your thoughts are powerful”?

Well, just how powerful are they? 


As we are learning, everything is energy. Every word has energy and every thought has energy; so you can imagine the energy of an entire belief system. Lets take the word 'believe' to begin with. This is a very powerful word. People endure years of suffering because of what they believe. People will give their very lives for what they believe.


The surprising thing is that when you say you believe something, you are actually admitting that you don't know. You don't really know (for sure) so the next best thing is to take someone else's word for it, or someone else's story as your own. Usually this is the story that resonates with you the most strongly, so it is easy for you to accept it. But, is it really true? How do you know if something is true or false? I suggest that it’s very simple: you have to feel it.


Everything you have ever heard, seen, smelled, tasted, or touched, every thought you have had, every emotion you have felt, every word you have spoken, every action you have taken—everything that has ever happened in your life goes through your Central Nervous System (CNS) which is largely composed of your spinal cord and brain.  There it is perceived as being (either) strong or weak, and is categorized accordingly. Absolutely everything is processed in this manner. In addition, the CNS then reacts to each and every individual piece of information received. Therefore, each piece of information will either strengthen or weaken your CNS. The CNS, being a physical system in a physical universe, is able to connect with the reality or the unreality of the information presented. The mind, on the other hand, being a purely abstract phenomenon (a cognitive function not a physiological entity), is unable to discern whether information presented to it is fact or fiction, real or unreal or, if you prefer, true or false.


This means that when something that is not real or true, i.e. misinformation, comes into contact with the CNS, it confuses the natural flow of the system, thus weakening it. Needless to say, repeatedly entertaining the misinformation of your belief system undermines the integrity of the CNS. It is this constant bombardment of misinformation that adversely compromises the function of the CNS. This “malfunction” of the CNS occurs at the most basic levels of physicality: from the inconceivably small quantum particle level to the atomic level. With these fundamental components themselves impaired, the biological levels above these (which are the molecules, the cells, the tissues, and the organs) also fall into dysfunction. This explains the reason for and origin of your pain. This is good to know, but what can you do about it?


This is where The Yuen Method™ comes in. With The Yuen Method™ we direct you to successfully connect with your own body’s awareness: to develop the innate ability to sense and to feel the difference between the strong and weak reactions produced in the CNS. When you learn to discern the degree of separation between strength and weakness and have the mind acknowledge same, then you are able to interpret the Central Nervous System's reaction to any and all information in any given situation. You begin to know for yourself whether something is fact or fiction, real or unreal, true or false.


After completing a Yuen Method™ Level 1 Seminar, you will learn to use this inner knowing or “insight” allowing you to simply “check in” (to sense by how you feel) and know immediately “on the spot” if the given piece of information is strengthening or weakening your CNS. Such awareness will allow you to identify and, consequently, ignore or “delete” all the resulting weakening effects, if there is misinformation therein (be it in the form of a word, a thought, a concept or an entire belief system) leaving yourself free to focus on reality-based information that serves to strengthen you. Simply by acting on this new-found knowing in every moment of your daily routine, you will be able to create a better future for yourself. 


Before you know it you will have set yourself free from all the pain that was inadvertently created in your life by belief in the misinformation offered by the collective stimuli in the world around you. As those weakening influences are deleted moment to moment in your life, you become stronger, because what is real and true strengthens your CNS. As per the wisdom of the ages: “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.

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