Yuen Method Level 1 Live Seminar

You will learn:

  • how to DE-Mystify your thinking, feelings, and emotions. Once these popular misconceptions are understood your ability to use your insight, intuition, and perception expands exponentially. This will empower you to energetically LOCATE and DELETE - "ON THE SPOT" - the source, reason, and cause of the pain or ailments or even those unwanted situations in your life.
  • to use proficiently the Fundamental Core Principle of the Yuen Method Mastery™ which is to use your PRECISE INSIGHT.
  • step by step how to use these techniques, principles, and protocols that take the seriousness out of sickness, illness, and disease.
  • how the Yuen Method Mastery™ can be used on yourself, your family, friends, co-workers, and pets, in person or remotely.

More Details

  • This Level 1 class will give YOU the opportunity to reach your INFINITE POTENTIAL and become your own expert!
  • This technique can be applied to and IMPROVE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!  
  • The only prerequisite you need is your desire to invest in your greatest asset - YOURSELF!
  • Accredited toward Dr. Kam Yuen's Practitioner Certification Program.


              We do not have any Seminars scheduled at this moment.

If you are interested in taking a private class or having us come to Your part of the world to teach You and/or Your team, group, staff or family, please email us for details.




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